What makes acrylic so popular for custom knit products? By Aleksandra Mihailov

Currently, there are a couple of trends converging in the yarn and knitting world. But there are so many different types of yarn; more than you can possibly even imagine. You can crochet with more than a dozen animal fibers, approximately as many plant fibers and dozens of alternative materials from wire to plastic. But when you go to the yarn store or look at information for crochet patterns, what you will often find is a type of yarn called “acrylic”. Acrylic can be made into yarn or fabric as well as many other types of products. Acrylic yarn is great to work with for all levels of crocheters and knitters. According to the Federal Trade Commission, acrylic is defined as “a manufactured fiber in which the fiber forming substance is any long chain synthetic polymer composed of at least 85% by weight of acrylonitrile units”. Unlike other fibers, acrylic yarns are not spun. Instead, they are twisted together to form long lengths of material. We can simply say that acrylic is a synthetic material with a wide range of possible end uses.

As acrylic yarn is a man made fiber, it can easily be made to meet various specifications. It’s color, weight and style provide practically endless options. With modern technology, acrylics are color-fast and are not prone to running. If you can’t find the particular color you’re looking for in the store, you can even try dying it yourself. It dyes very well and has excellent colorfastness. It is resilient, retains its shape, and resists shrinkage and wrinkles. Although acrylic yarn prices can vary greatly depending on many factors, as a general rule it is more affordable than wool, cotton and other basic fibers used for crochet. Acrylic has recently been used in clothing as a less expensive alternative to cashmere, due to the similar feeling of the materials and its relative affordability.

This fiber tends to last longer than a lot of other materials, so if you want to make durable items then this would be the best choice. Acrylic is lightweight, soft, and warm, with a wool-like feel. Another good thing about acrylic yarn is that it is hypoallergenic for most people. Unlike wool or other yarns from animal fibers, people are unlikely to be allergic to acrylic yarn.

Because all of this benefits that acrylic yarn has, the popularity of this man made yarn has increased a lot, and its ramifications can be noticed in many products. Some of the acrylic yarn centric products include blankets, socks, carpets, sweaters and especially custom knits which include knitwear and scarves. Acrylic yarn provides the ability to choose whatever pattern you want for any type of custom knitwear. You can use different colors and textures and express yourself through your unique design. These days trend certain trends have been really heating up and designers are playing with different ways to achieve gradual color transition. One knitter sees how something works in another designer’s pattern and tweaks it a little or combines it with other elements, or on a different garment, and it’s a completely new pattern. Taking the blending technique and applying it to different garments or with a different alternating sequence seems like inspiration to them.

Probably one of the most popular acrylic yarn products are custom knit scarves. There are so many different types of scarves these days from classic scarves made of colors that work well together to the ones that are made to be unique pieces of art created for fashion lovers. Knit scarves that are worn by trendsetters are usually full of patterns such as flowers, abstract elements and recognizable fashion patterns created by word-wide famous brands. Some of them are made of neutral and subdued colors as their goal is to remain classic.  Others are created to be more noticeable. Acrylic yarn is the best solution for that since it allows you almost unlimited customization that will let you express your style through your custom scarf. But what will usually come first to your mind when someone says “custom knit scarves” are definitely scarves made for sports.  When you visualize a soccer scarf, you are more than likely picturing a knitted scarf with bright colors and big logos. Often referred to as stadium scarves, spirit scarves, or football scarves, knitted acrylic scarves are double-sided, fully customizable and offer a feel that is thicker and softer than woven or printed scarves.  These scarves are seen in football stadiums all around the world.  Fans are able to use their scarves to show who they support year-round by bundling up in the winter or wearing it loosely in the summer.


These are just some of advantages that makes  acrylic yarn  perfect for custom made knitwear.  It’s clear to see that the durability and versatility of acrylic yarn is what makes it an obvious choice for anything that’s custom knit