If you’re looking for a way to raise a substantial amount of money for your school while providing students with a valuable selling experience, consider a LogoKnits fundraiser. Supporters will cherish the beautiful keepsake they receive in return for supporting your cause, making this a win-win opportunity.

There are two ways to run a fundraiser with LogoKnits. The first option is to purchase blankets upfront in bulk and sell them at marked-up prices at your various school or community events, or even online. This gives you complete control over your profit margins, as you can set your own price points.

The second option is to hold a pre-sale, which allows for personalization of the blankets in addition to featuring the logo. The personalization can include a name, nickname, sports team or uniform number, year of graduation, and much more. This option is great because it doesn’t require any upfront money from the organization. You also have the freedom to choose your own price point and control your profit per blanket. Once you close your sale, simply submit one order to us*, and we’ll knit your blankets according to your specifications.

*Please refer to our preferred way of submitting an order for more information.