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About Us

We are the originators of the customized knitted blanket and our expertise in the field of knitting and producing these blankets is unsurpassed. Any other knitted blanket is simply an imitation of ours and we back up that statement with our price/quality guarantee.


All the processes needed to design, knit, sew, package and ship the blankets are done right here in our factory in Ocean Twp., NJ. We never “contract” work to outside manufacturers, thus ensuring total control over quality and delivery.


Our staff is highly knowledgeable about our products and we are here to serve you.


We look forward to hearing from you soon!



Our History

Our roots in the knitting industry go all the way back to the early 1900’s.  The company has existed in various forms since then, but it all started in 1904 with a machinist from Fort Wayne, Indiana.


For most of our history, we were in the business of importing knitting machines from Europe and distributing them to mills all over the country.  However in the mid 1970’s, sensing an imminent change in the American textile industry, we knew we had to adapt.  Logo Knits was formed in 1976 to take advantage of our industry specific knowledge and apply it to a niche product.  Since then, we have produced nearly two million blankets and have grown from a simple idea to a company with over 8,000 active accounts.

Our Team

Founder and President
Office Manager
Paul V.
Shop Foreman
Sewing Dept Mgr
Warehouse Mgr
Production Manager
Sewing Dept Asst Mgr
Speciality Sales

Open Positions

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