Knitting vs Weaving. What’s the difference? By Sabrina Bland

A knitted blanket or a woven blanket – what’s the difference?  Any person who has taken time out of their day to go blanket shopping is looking for comfort, nostalgia, and warmth. These things are important for a cozy home! When shopping for blankets, it’s important to check the foundation of the creation – just like in any home, the right kind of foundation is crucial for happiness and comfort.

So, the knitted blanket.  Isn’t that what all blankets are? Actually, no, many blankets over the millennia have been woven.  These blankets are fantastic for utility purposes, as woven blankets naturally have a stiff drape- i.e. they are crisp and hold a shape (think canvas or upholstery fabric). While woven blankets definitely serve their purpose, they are not always the best option for cozying up next to a fire or a Netflix-streaming TV.

To clear things up a bit: woven fabrics are made by vertical and horizontal yarns that are criss-crossed over and under each other.  The yarns hold each other and eventually make a great shape to be used as a blanket or rug. The strict up and down lines are where the structure is born. Unfortunately, woven blankets are more prone to unraveling and fraying. Once a strand is pulled out, it tends to leave a hole. The edges are even more susceptible to fraying.  Most blankets will be finished off, but there is still that risk always “looming” over your purchase (how’s that for a weaving in a pun?!).

On the other hand, knitted fabrics are made by yarns that interlock and loop each other. Knitted fabrics and blankets are more comfortable and cuddle friendly – simply because of this stretchy foundation.

Think about it – when you add just that one extra person to the pile of loved ones on the sofa, and you are *just* barely out of blanket, so you stretch it out just that much more. That’s where a knitted blanket comes in handy! Not only are knitted blankets more comfortable – they are also more practical for cuddling.

Knits also retain their nice and tidy appearance better than woven fabrics. Woven fabrics are often easily wrinkled, meaning you’ll have to bring out the iron whenever you have guests come over. With knits, there’s no need for that extra preparation simply because knits are naturally wrinkle-resistant.

What’s something that pops into your mind when you think of a cozy blanket?  My answer is nostalgia. What is more comfortable than memories, or something meaningful and special to you and only you? That’s where personalization comes in. It’s something to prioritize, even though running to the store to grab a mass produced fleece blanket may be easier but it just doesn’t mean as much. Blankets are cozy for the body and can be cozy for the heart too.  Customized blankets can be a family crest, names, a logo for a team blanket, a specific color scheme, or any and all of the above! When you really get down to it, the possibilities become endless. It’s an exciting time picking out something to add to your home – and a blanket can say so much. It can say “welcome,” “come sit,” and even “I love you.” Your home deserves to be special and unique to you and your family.

Let’s say you have a son or daughter in another state – or even in anoth er country. Maybe your mom just got a new exciting job! Or, maybe your grandparents live far away and you miss them. In all of these scenarios – and perhaps in one of yours – there is a loved one that you are unable to hug or touch affectionately. A phone call or even a letter does fine for communication, but that personal touch isn’t there. A textile is a tangible piece of love that can be sent anywhere, at any time. I’m confident when I say that any family member who is a little homesick or is missing a loved one would be overjoyed to receive special, customized blankets in the mail.

So, now that you know the criteria for buying exceptional knit blankets, what’s your next move? To whom will you be sending a warm hug in the shape of a personalized blanket? What colors will you pick?  What design is your favorite?